A brief overview wherein we quickly bring you to understand the sequence of events leading to the present and enumerate the manner in which they differ from what you may already know.

At the start of the American Revolution, a very clever occultist discovered what he surmised was a way to rip open and reconfigure all of time and space. Instead of being ridiculed, as he was in our history, the government was taken with the idea and funded him completely. Due to an amazing stroke of luck he actually managed to tear open a rift and push the entire continent of North America through.

Of course such massive magical energies cannot be released without consequences and this was no exception. The occultist was vaporized instantly as the powers tore his body to it’s component atoms. Meanwhile ninety percent of the population suddenly found themselves transformed into creatures out of myth. Many once peaceful animals became enraged beasts and many of the mentally unstable lost all semblance of civility.

In this world gone mad there are now dozen of factions and countless opportunities. Capable adventurous people are needed more then ever before. It is a time of grand schemes and petty self preservation, a time for mighty heroes and great deeds. It is your time to rise and take fate into your own hands.


New World