The Transformed

Transformation Types

Together with The Rift came transformations. In my mind the transformed break up into four neat categories: The New Races, Humans, Zombies, and The Enraged

New Races of The Transformed

Each person was changed on the basis of emotional disposition, gaining abilities that justify their emotional nature.

Angry violent people became strong and physically powerful.

Arrogant haughty people became graceful and long lived.

Hardworking honest people became hardy and capable.

Curious observant people became intelligent and magically inclined.

Impulsive incautious people became clever and quick to heal.


People without excessive will nor motivation also changed, sinking deeper into social and mental stagnation.

The Unchanged

People satisfied with their lot and strong in conviction but not in emotion remained Human, resisting the magical energies through sheer force of will.

Distribution Among Colonists and Indians

Among the Colonists over forty percent became Zombies and less than ten percent remained Human. The remaining fifty percent ended up split fairly evenly among the remaining five races at about ten percent of the entire population to each.

Among the Indians whole tribes transformed together. Those remaining unchanged or transformed differently were exiled or killed.

The Transformed

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